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Quality Assurance
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The first step of Quality management of final product starts immediately with the receiving of Raw Materials. Quality Control Process is being carried out with Statistical Process control methods & procedures and computerized analysis. Quality Control check points are classified for each equipment and products for complete manufacturing process. Each and every stage of manufacturing process is being monitored by us precisely by our qualified & technical staff.

We have received excellent ratings from our valued customers related with the industrial sectors of Automobiles, Air-Conditions and other industrial appliances.

We always welcome our valued existing customers and new customers to visit our manufacturing facilities; so that we may get an opportunity to discuss the key features of all Rubber Products being enquired.

Parveen Industries continually researches the new materials and processes to meet customer needs with latest manufacturing technologies.

Quality Assurance
To be able to compare the results, standardized test methods are available. Temperature speed, pressure and all kinds of parameters must be constant. All results are carefully measured and recorded and if a material does not correspond to specification, it is corrected or removed.

An international standard has been devised, giving the requirements of how a certain quality should be guaranteed in a process. Many customers require that the supplier should be certified in accordance with the An ISO 9001 : 2000 COMPANY.
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